Advocacy and professional intrusion: Who to guide me?
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Advocacy and professional intrusion: Who to guide me?

Advocacy and professional intrusion: Who to guide me?

How to know if my legal adviser is effectively a lawyer. Requirements to be a lawyer.


Exclusivity of the lawyers with legal questions


Legal advice (judicial or extrajudicial) and the defense and prosecution are exclusively reserved to Spanish lawyers (Royal Decree 658/2001 of the 22nd of june). According to article 9 of the RD, a qualified lawyer is a person who successfully obtained a LLB and is registered within a Bar Association in Spain and exercise the profession.  


Registration of lawyers:


Every lawyer has to be registered with a Bar Association to be able to work and give legal advice to his clients. With this registration, they are under control of the Bar which would check that the lawyer is acting in accordance with the deontological rules. Also, the registration means that the lawyer is covered with a professional insurance which is not the case of real estate agencies in Spain for instance.

Lawyers can also work in group (chambers) or individually.


How can we check that our lawyer is registered?


To check if a lawyer is properly registered within a Bar Association, you only need to go on internet and put the name of your lawyer in the browser and you will see it. We have indicated below the link to the website of the General Bar Association of Spain.