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Since January 2015, the Valencia Region modified the rules in relation with Holiday rentals. Any property which is going to be rented for holiday’s purposes shall be registered and shall obtain a rental license.

Who has to be registered?

Any landlord who wants to rent a Spanish property within the Valencia Region needs to be registered as the legal owner within a Touristic Houses rental Registry. 

How can we register a property?

A form has to be fulfilled and sent to the registry. Also, you will have to provide the Administration with few documents to show that the characteristics of the property are complying with the rules and that the license can then be granted.

Which types of obligations do I have when the license has been granted?

Once you have received the license from the local authorities, to be able to rent the property legally, you shall:

  1. Provide tenants with administrative claim forms
  2. Publish your register number in all the places where you would advertise your property
  3. Keep a registry book of all the tenants and notify it to the relevant authorities.
  4. Declare your incomes to the Tax Authorities.

We highly recommend that you contract a professional to take care of all the necessary formalities in order to avoid any sanction.

Which type of sanction can I get if I do not respect the process?

In the event of renting illegally a property, you would be exposed to:

  1. Tax inspection.
  2. Fines from 600€ up to 90.000€, depending on the seriousness of the offence.