Family and Inheritance Law - DM Legal & Immobrokers
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According to the rules of spanish Inheritance Law, the process of succession in Spain can only be initiated by the heirs and does not start automatically. There is a short period to liquidate the inheritance tax.

Our services

  • Legal advice in relation to national and international inheritance law, including the legal and tax planning of the testamentary succession.
  • Legal assistance in relation to the defense of heirs interests both judicial or extrajudicial.
  • Claims of legitimate heirs and legacies. Impugnation of wills and declaration of heirs.
  • Intervention in the legal administration of inheritances.
  • Acting as executors and representatives of heirs.
  • Settlement of inheritance and donation taxes.
  • Succession planning in family business.
We recommend all foreigners who own a property in Spain, to grant a will in Spain, regardless of whether they are residents or non-residents in Spain to avoid any problem at the time of resolving the inheritance.