Civil Litigation - Judicial Civil Claims - DM Legal & Immobrokers
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In Civil Litigation we transfer the matters of private law that have to be developed in the judicial field. The main objective of private proceedings law is to obtain a judicial resolution when the friendly sphere has failed.

Our experience

Within the department of procedural law we have lawyers from different backgrounds, some with more knowledge in the law of buying, selling and building, and others with a particular specialty in matters of succession and administration. In addition, we must mention in particular that the cultural diversity of our professionals (Spanish and French) means that we can have an international focus on all these matters.

Our services

Civil litigation results from the judicial treatment of all work areas of our real estate, tax or inheritance law departments, in which the situation has resulted in litigation.

We can highlight the following as more usual cases:

  • Conflicts due to real estate contracts.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Claims of quantities.
  • Executions of foreign judgments (exequatur).
  • Conflicts between heirs.
  • Economic administrative claims (Tax, City Councils, etc …).

In a judicial process in Spain, a great variety of circumstances must be taken into account. Apart from the fact that motivates the legal action, whenever a litigation has to be initiated, a series of questions related to the procedure itself must be considered. To illustrate the commitment of our firm from a judicial perspective, it can be divided into:



A first phase of analysis of the matter valuing the possibilities, prescriptions, etc …



A second phase of collection and analysis of documentation, asset search and, where appropriate, extrajudicial claim and negotiation with the opposing party.



A final phase of litigation itself resorting to the courts.

We have extraordinary experience in advising foreign clients on Spanish legislation and judicial issues in Spain, since most of our matters contain international elements involving French-speaking or Anglophone countries.