English - Spanish Lawyers - Legal Services in Spain
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You want to buy your dream home, in DM Legal & Immobrokers we recommend you to seek legal advice before toi avoid living a nightmare later.

Residing or simply owning a second home means having to comply with some tax obligations, in our office we will help you.

Planning the transfer of your estate to your heirs and leaving everything arranged to simplify the paperwork is also part of our work.

From time to time we encounter conflictive situations, our firm can help you overcome the moment and find a solution to your problem.

With DM Legal & Immbrokers you will find a legal experience with a human dimension, the personal and daily advice you need, from our team of natives speakers who will also understand your culture.

Native speakers Lawyers

Our international team is composed of native speakers lawyers, who are committed to rigor, honesty and commitment in the strategic markets in which we operate.

International vocation Office

We are professionals with solid trajectories and we are very pleased to say that both companies and individuals have trusted us and continue to do so today.

Multidisciplinary Structure

Our firm has a solid structure, formed by a team specialised in different areas of law. Our technical quality has led us to stand out in cases of great complexity.

Non-resident income Tax is probably the least known tax of foreigners . We can advise you on this, consult with our professionals.

Holiday rental licences are necessary to rent your home for short terms with holiday vocation. Here you will find the information you need about them.

Legal advice and legal defense in Spain are entrusted exclusively to lawyers, do not trust the wrong person, inform yourself first.

What rules do you want to regulate your inheritance? Do you want to avoid problems and expenses to your heirs? Leaving everything tied is very simple, make a testament, we help you.

An inheritance is that complex legal act with many legal and tax incidents for the heirs. When the inheritance also has an international component, the problems multiply. Do you need information?

When a person acquires some real estate in Spain without residing in that State, he will have a non-resident tax status and in turn the obligation to appoint a tax representative.

Emile Auguste Chartier (Alain) wrote: “It is the passions and not the interests that guide the world”, our job will be to try to match their interests with their passions.

Globalization has generated social complexity, causing International Law to take on greater weight. It is a branch of law that regulates legal relationships between individuals or companies when a cross-border element intervenes.

Our team of professionals is at your entire disposal to offer you the best legal advice