Litigation and Judicial Claims - DM Legal & Immobrokers
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Litigation is the set of rules that regulate the judicial process, that is, that regulates the requirements, the development and the effects of the process.

Civil litigation

The civil procedural law is the right that encompasses the instigated or intended processes to individuals, claims of amounts, obligations to do, any litigation between natural persons regulated by the principles of civil law.

Commercial law litigation

These procedures are those that involve legal persons, companies. We can mention for instance bankruptcy proceedings, commercial claims, corporate claims, litigation regulated essentially by commercial law.

DM Legal & Immobrokers is the solution tailored to any legal problem within our specialty areas.

Family law

Family Law proceedings represent a specific branch of civil procedure in which we include services in relation to family breakups, the degree of capacity of natural persons (judicial protection, curatorship, etc …) and successions.

Criminal law

Criminal law is a very profuse area in which several branches coexist. Our firm, despite mastering any type of criminal procedure, is essentially specialised in economic criminal proceedings.

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