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Why do I need a Will?

The testament is a document by which the testator determines the destiny of all his estate, rights and obligations, or on his part, after his death. The will is the ideal document to ensure that decisions on the future of the assets and rights of a person are met when he dies.

Dying without written evidence of the will on the fate of the deceased’s property and rights may be more than a headache to his heirs.

To the heirs it facilitates the way on the procedures to be carried out at the moment of the split of the inheritance, in addition that it can suppose less economic costs for all.

Our advice

In international inheritance, it is essential to have a will because the documentation required by the Notary who will treat the inheritance will be complex in case of not having granted such document which will also entail an increase in expenses for the heirs as well as a significant delay (administrative procedures of legalisation of the original documentation, etc …)

The will of the dead is the mirror of his life.