Family Law | Divorces, Matrimonial Issues - DM Legal & Immobrokers
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Family Law matters are probably the most important in the lives of people and especially when one of the parties is a foreigner and lives in a country that is not his.

In this area we advise with maximum intensity, delicacy and depth helping the client so that he can adopt the best decision in the process of family breakdown and especially when there are minor children. In our practice we are always very aware of the best interest of the child.

We are experts in family and inheritance law with international character for more than 10 years, having helped many families in their process of rupture. This allows us to offer our clients a personalized service based on a deep technical rigor and knowledge of the usual practices in marriage crises of mixed marriages.

Our services

  • Advice on separations and divorces by mutual agreement and contentious.
  • Pre-marriage counseling on French, English and Spanish family law, as well as on private international law.
  • Cross-border pension claim.
  • Attribution of custody and custody of minors.
  • Parenting plan. Shared custody.
  • Regulation of parent-child relationships.
  • Cross-border visitation law.
  • Grandparents visitation scheme.
  • Modification of measures and breaches of the visitation regime.
  • Claims paternity and filiation.
  • Advice on the economic consequences of divorce.
  • Recognition of foreign judgments.
  • Pacts in anticipation of rupture.
  • Drafting of marriage agreements.
  • Liquidation of the matrimonial economic regime and liquidation of the common patrimony.
Nothing contributes more to the mutual attachment than the faculty of divorce: a husband and a wife are inclined to patiently support the domestic penalties, knowing that they are masters of making them finish. ( Montesquieu Lettres Persanes CXVII)