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Commercial Law and its operations are probably the most important in the economy of companies, and especially when it takes place in a country that does not have the same law and its uses and customs. That is why it is essential to have comprehensive advice in your own language and culture, to anticipate possible conflicts that may arise, giving them an effective and definitive solution.

On the other hand, our specialisation in the commercial law area allows us to confront with guarantees procedures of challenge of social agreements, responsibility of administrators, protection of consumers and users in any field, as well as any other that due to its uniqueness we can encompass within the commercial law area (franchises, agency, unfair competition, etc.).

Finally, our Commercial Law Department has extensive experience in bankruptcy planning, as well as in the direction of bankruptcy proceedings, being able to intervene on behalf of the company, its trustees or any creditor during the insolvency proceedings, both in the drafting and presentation of the initial request for bankruptcy, as in the opposition to the necessary contest raised by any legitimated creditor.

Within the bankruptcy planning service, we also offer legal advice in all types of insolvency incidents, highlighting our intervention in incidents of opposition to the culpable qualification of the contest.

Our services

  • Challenging social agreements.
  • Administrator’s responsibility.
  • Protection of consumers and users.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Files of voluntary jurisdiction for the convocation of the general meetings of Companies.
  • Leading bankruptcy proceedings, trustees or creditors.
  • Advice to the debtor in pre-insolvency phase.
  • Writing of initial application for bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Communication of credits in the procedure.
  • Opposition to the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Bankruptcy incidents.
  • Opposition to the guilty qualification of the bankruptcy.
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